Our Company
Our Company

Our Expertise in the thermal processing equipment, multiple hearth furnaces includes:

  • our team:
    Our company is comprised of top process specialists, engineers, project managers and draftsmen.

  • a wide range of services
    Basic and detailed engineering, procurement, supply, construction, operation assistance, technical advise and assistance, training, surveys, revamping, retro-fits and modifications, supply of spare parts, etc.

  • a wide range of processes and supplies:
    As specialist of most thermal processes, FGC is able to offer, carbonisation, activation, regeneration of activated carbon, incineration, pyrolysis incineration, calcination, high temperature sintering, selective roasting, oxidation roasting, chlorinating roasting, drying, recycling, fused calcination thermal decomposition.

  • a wide variety of applications and products treated such as:
    Activated carbon, aluminium, aluminium chloride, ammonium sulphate, antimony concentrates, speiss, mattes, barite, barium sulphate, bauxite, bone char, coke, catalysts, charcoal, cobalt minerals, copper, cryolite, kaolin, molybdenite concentrates, rare earths, municipal and industrial sludges, etc.

Our Expertise in the float glass industry includes

  • our team:
    We are comprised of top process specialists, engineers, project managers and draftsmen.

  • a wide range of services:
    Float glass consultancy, comprehensive feasibility study, project management, basic and detailed engineering, civil works and utility requirements, procurement, supply, construction, warm-up and start-up supervision, plant commissioning, manufacturing and production quality improvement, process equipment development and design, plant technical audits, process improvement services.

  • a wide range of processes and supplies:
    As a specialist of float glass production technology, FGC is able to offer: complete turnkey green field float glass plants up to 1000 tons per day,  glass melting energy saving using oxy fuel technology, on-line glass coating, tin bath atmosphere recycling,  glassmaking equipment design and build.

  • a wide range of financial and strategic consulting such us:  
    Development of business plans and economic feasibility studies, financial engineering, research and analysis, evaluation of country risk and strategic advice, evaluation of market opportunities and marketing strategies.